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Journal of Health and Population in Developing Countries
A semi-annual publication of the Department of Health Policy and Administration, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.
The Journal of Health and Population in Developing Countries is an interdisciplinary semi-annual journal devoted to policy and management issues in health and population fields in developing countries. This Journal is committed to maintaining a high international standard of scholarship through peer review and editorial actions. It accepts articles based on empirical research, advocacy, personal experiences, analysis, as well as thought-provoking ideas.
Regional Science
Published quarterly,online abstracts  from 1995&1996, online full text since 1997.
"This journal is a quarterly in the interdisciplinary field of regional and urban studies. Its purpose is to promote high quality scholarship on the important theoretical and empirical issues in regional science."


African Population Studies
African Population Studies is a bilingual journal (French and English) published two times a year in April and October by the Union for African Population Studies. It publishes dependable and timely information emanating from original research on African population, development and related fields.

Africa Renwewal
The Africa Recovery office of the United Nations Department of Public Information seeks to provide timely and accurate news and analysis on the critical economic and development challenges facing the African continent. Its flagship publication is Africa Recovery magazine, which first appeared in 1987, but it also produces in-depth Briefing Papers, information kits, and other releases.
Africa Recovery examines the many issues that confront the people of Africa, its leaders and its international partners: economic reform, debt, education and health, women's advancement, conflict and civil strife, democratization, aid, investment, trade, regional integration, rural development and many other topics. 
African Studies Quarterly
An issue contains 2-4 articles and 3-5 book reviews. The journal started publication in 1997 and produced four issues in its first year. The site contains almost no graphics and thus downloads very quickly. All contents are available online since it is an electronic publication only.
ASQ is an interdisciplinary publication examining various topics related to the African continent. Previous writings include pieces on
African cinema, religion an philosophy, and one issue had a regional  focus on Tanzania.
Publication of the South African Institute of International Affairs
Part of the SAIIA Nepad project, this electronic journal focuses on finding and assessing new policy alternatives in Africa. Published monthly since May 2003.

Governance and Public Administration in Africa
Publication of the Development Managemelectronic journal of contemporary japanese studiesent Forum in Addis Abbeba (since 1992).
This Bulletin is intended as a means of communication between researchers, civil society and policy makers involved in the process of development policy management. It is especially interested n the interface between the democratization process and the institutional processes through which policy is formulated and implemented. 

Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa
JSDA is a refereed journal published twice a year - Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer to strengthen and foster sustainable development and planning efforts in Africa. 
The general belief is that both theoretical and operational discussions of development efforts in Africa must be interdisciplinary and as such policy makers and academics will have a useful academic journal which could be instrumental in moving Africa's development forward. The journal will focus on debates on sustainability and development; development paradigms; social, cultural, economic, and ecological sustainability; the politics of sustainable development with regard to governance and international collaboration for sustainable development in Africa.
West Africa Review
"Africa Resource Center is pleased to publish West Africa Review [WAR], an ejournal devoted to the promotion of research and scholarship of importance to the global African community and friends of Africa. We are proud to be a viable force in the international arena of African studies. Through our web resource database, online bibliographic list of scholars publication, book publications, sponsorship of journals, and the promotion of artists and poets, we are working to provide specific Africa-relevant materials for the global community."


The American Prospect
The American Prospect was launched in 1990 by Paul Starr. Full text online since fall 1992.
"The aim of The American Prospect is to contribute to a renewal of America's democratic traditions by presenting a practical and convincing vision of liberal philosophy, politics, and public life."


Asian Perspectives
ASIAN PERSPECTIVE (in English) is ta quarterly journal of regional and international affairs edited by the Korean Institute for Far Eastern Studies.. Since 1995, Asian Perspective has been edited and published in cooperation with Portland State University, U.S.A.
Published since 1977, Asian Perspective includes articles on the social sciences with a particular emphasis on world/comparative politics and Asia's regional affairs.

South Asia Graduate Research Journal
Published since the Spring of 1994, SAGAR appears twice a year with all of its contents available online in HTML format. Note that some issues are presented on one Webpage in their entirety,and since some of them (earlier versions) do not include hyperlinks, you have to scroll down to find the article you are interested in. Archives are also available in BINHEX format.
Sponsored by the Center for
Asian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.  "The journal showcases exceptional graduate student and junior scholar articles. It also includes faculty and graduate research methodology, report s from the field, and book reviews." The issues also contain graduate student profiles in an effort to match up people with similar interests.

Beijing Review
A News Weekly Published each Thursday
electronic journal of contemporary japanese studies
The ejcjs is a journal in the social sciences that is dedicated to publishing academic research and scholarly writing on all issues related to contemporary Japanese society, economy, politics, and culture. This journal adopts an inter-disciplinary stance in the hope that it will contribute to a deeper and broader understanding of Japan and the Japanese people as an integral part of global 21st century life and that it will, consequently, help to improve our understanding of the totality of human experience.
Japan Echo
Bimonthly journal Full texts (pdf) since oct 1997
 Japan Echo features translations of essays, interviews, and discussions by noted commentators on topics of interest in Japan today. Along with current and past issues, the site offers an open forum for active online exchange on these topics.
Journal of Bhutan Studies
The Journal is a bi-annual publication of The Centre for Bhutan Studies. 
It presents scholarly and researched articles on the social, cultural, and economic aspects of Bhutan.
Social Science Japan
A newsletter of the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo. Published on-line not regularly since July 1994.
"The purpose of this newsletter is to provide concise information in English on key people, important literature and recent developments in four fields of social science research on Japan: economics, political science, law and, to a limited extent, sociology. Social Science Japan is published by the
Information Center for Studies in Japanese Society, which has been established within the Institute of Social Science (ISS), University of Tokyo." 


bilig - Journal of Social Sciences of the Turkish World
bilig is the first refereed journal published according to the international standards with the purpose of bringing up the riches of the Turkish world in the field of social sciences and evaluate its historical and actual problems with a scientific approach. It is published quarterly, that is in Winter/January, Spring/April, Summer/July and Autumn/October.
bilig is published to bring forth the cultural riches, historical and actual realities of the Turkish World in a scholarly manner; to inform the public opinion about the scientific studie bilig is on the international level concerning Turkish World.
Bulletin zur schweizerischen Sicherheitspolitik (German) 
Online issues go back to 1993 with all contents available. The site also has a page devoted to announcements about related lectures and conferences.
This annual newsletter features articles on Swiss security policy. In addition to the five or more articles published each year, a chronology of annual events related to Swiss security policy is also available in each issue.
Central Europe Review
Central Europe Review’s new mission is to establish itself as the premiere source of information on cultural and diversity issues from Central Europe to Central Asia. CER will expand its range to cover the full spectrum of cultures and peoples in the region, while continuing to publish reviews and commentary by leading academics, experts, and top journalists.
"Developments" is a free quarterly magazine produced by the Department for International Development (DFID), a department of UK government. Four Issues per year since 1998.
Its goal is to increase the awareness of developmental issues.
European Training Foundation
Standard and specific reports since 1973 in French, German and English.
EIoP European Integration online Papers
The EIoP are published by the executive committee of the European Communities Studies Association Austria since 10 April 1997
The EIoP is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary research paper series in the field of European integration research.  Scholarly contributions from all relevant disciplines are welcome, e.g. from legal studies, political science, economics, sociology, and history. For each article, you will find both a German and an English abstract.
Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies
Founded by a group of European researchers, convinced of the necessity for free access to and publication of knowledge, is a semesterly online journal devoted to the armed forces and power institutions of post-Soviet societies. is a multi-disciplinary journal, which addresses issues across a broad field of disciplines in human and social sciences. Its main objective is to study changes and their underlying mechanisms in post-Soviet republics, through the analysis of the institutions that remain most hidden from the public eye: armies and power institutions. As an electronic journal, also aims to promote scholarly debate across as broad an audience as possible, and make CIS research available to Western scholars.
Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe
JEMIE - Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe is a peer-reviewed electronic journal edited under the auspices of the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI). JEMIE is a multi-disciplinary journal, which addresses minority issues across a broad range of studies, such as ethnopolitics, democratization, conflict management, good governance, participation, minority issues and minority rights. It is devoted to analysing current developments in minority-majority relations in the wider Europe, and stimulating further debate amongst academics, students and practitioners on issues of instability and integration that are hampering democratic development in Europe - both East and West.
Southeast European Politics
Southeast European Politics is a refereed academic journal published three times per year at the Central European University, Budapest (CEU). It is devoted to political science, international relations, contemporary history and other areas of academic research focusing on Southeastern Europe or pertaining to the region.
The journal seeks to promote a comparative approach, which takes developments in individual countries of Southeastern Europe in the larger context of the region. The journal encourages particularly young academics from Southeastern Europe to submit articles and hopes to become a forum of the young political scientists from the region. Southeast European Politics seeks to cover the areas so far frequently neglected in many academic debates, especially the Southern Balkan countries of Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Montenegro. SEEP is published electronically and in hard copy.

Middle East

Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA)
MERIA is a project owned and edited by Prof. Barry Rubin. It is produced in conjunction with the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center. Our goal is to advance research on the Middle East and foster scholarly communication and cooperation. We are a non-partisan publication involving people across the geographical and political spectrum. 
The Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) represents a new approach to the study of the modern Middle East. Taking advantage of new computer technology, MERIA reaches over 17,000 readers in more than 100 countries, serving a high-level audience of Middle East experts, scholars, teachers, students, officials, journalists, and people intensely interested in the region.
  Orient Journal
OJ wird herausgegeben vom Deutschen Orient-Institut, Hamburg. pdf-Dateien seit Frühjahr 2001 zum Herunterladen.

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