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The Atlantic Monthly
Searchable Archive Reaching back to 1995
Weekly Newsletter for free subscription.
Featuring major developments in modern society and contemporary culture.
The American Prospect
"Launched in 1990 by Paul Starr, Robert Kuttner, and Robert B. Reich -- former Clinton Secretary of Labor - The American Prospect has a circulation of approximately 15,000. Originally a quarterly, it has shifted to bimonthly publication in 1996 and is available on newsstands and by subscription (as well as online). It is published by The American Prospect, Inc., an independent nonprofit organization established by the magazine's founders."
"The aim of The American Prospect is to contribute to a renewal of America's democratic traditions by presenting a practical and convincing vision of liberal philosophy, politics, and public life. We publish articles for the general reader that attempt to break through conventional understanding and creatively reframe public questions. Ours is not a magazine of complaint, of angry gestures, or of private irritations. It's a magazine of public ideas, firmly committed -- however unfashionably -- to a belief in public improvement. America can do much good, and it can do much better."
published online since oct. 2003 by Anthony Burke University of Adelaide (Australia)
is a refereed international journal that aims to promote transdisciplinary work across the humanities, work which might also intersect with diverse practices and sites in culture, policy and everyday life.
Although our beginnings are modest, we hope that over time you will be able to view writings cutting across and between politics, media, literature, history, law, science, medicine, philosophy, economics, music, film and more, along with incisive debate about contemporary culture.
CH-Forschung stellt allen interessierten Medien Artikel zu aktuellen Themen aus Forschung und Innovationen in Naturwissenschaften, Technik, Medizin, Energie sowie Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften zum freien Abdruck zur Verfügung.
Die Auslandzeitschrift der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, hrsg. vom Societätsverlag Frankfurt/Main, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung, (6mal pro Jahr, Online seit 1999)
Magazin für Politik, Kultur, Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft.
"Die Zeitschrift "Deutschland" bietet in jeder Ausgabe ein Schwerpunktthema zu soziokulturellen und gesellschaftlichen Entwicklungen an, in denen internationale Experten Aspekte dieser zukunftsorientierten Themenkreise reflektieren.
D. is a quarterly magazine of politics and culture edited by Mitchell Cohen and Michael Walzer. Out of about 20 contributions of each isssue, ca. 6-7 are available online. Archives go back to spring '96.
"In the words of the New York Times,Dissent "ranks among the handful of politicaljournals read most regularly by U.S. intellectuals." Features political, cultural and social developmensts in the US and Europe from a profiled leftist point of view.
"A magazine of the left, Dissent is also a magazine of independent minds. A magazine of strong opinions, Dissent is also a magazine that welcomes the clash of strong opinions." 
Economic Perspectives, 
U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda, 
U.S. Society & Values, 
Global Issues, 
Issues of Democracy

edited by the Office of International Information Programs of the U.S. Departmemt of State. 
"IIP publishes five electronic journals with a new journal in one of the series appearing each month. French, Portuguese, and Spanish translations of all journals appear from two to four weeks after the English, and certain journals are translated into Arabic and Russian."
id21 insights
ommunicating development resaearch. id21 is enabled by the UK Government Department for International Development ( and hosted by the Institute of Development Studies (, at the University of Sussex, UK.
INSIGHTS is published every ninety days as a research reporting service to makers and reformers of development policy, development professionals and other stakeholders. It offers a cross-section of policy-relevant social and economic research findings from UK-based researchers and institutes, organised around topical themes.
  Journal of the International Institute
Founded in 1994, the Journal of the International Institute, with a readership of over 15,000, is published three times a year in the first weeks of each academic term (September, January and May). The Journal's primary commitment is to publish the work of Michigan faculty, alumni, graduate students and visiting scholars
  Journal of Mundane Behavior
Three Issues per year, since 2000.
JMB, co-hosted by the Department of Sociology / Anthropology at Millersville University and the Department of Sociology and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at California State University, Fullerton, is a blind peer-reviewed scholarly and publicly-oriented journal. 
It is devoted to the study of the "unmarked" -- those aspects of our everyday lives that typically go unnoticed by us, both as academics and as everyday individuals
Logos - A Journal of Modern Society and Culture
is a quarterly journal of modern culture, politics and society published since 2002. It features articles on the arts, politics, culture, the social sciences and humanities as well as original fiction and poetry. 
seeks to foster a critical dialogue on modern politics, culture and society through both intellectual and aesthetic lenses.  Articles take a critical stance toward their subject matter in order to render them more lucid and comprehensible. Fiction and poetry can be of an experimental nature and is not restricted to commonplace or mainstream approaches to form and content.
Monthly Review
"There has never been a more important moment for MR's unique blend of scholarship and activism, critical understanding and accessibility. MR speaks to workers and labor organizers no less than to academics, and against class exploitation, no less than against racial and sexual oppression. It has never been more indispensable as a guide to current realities, their historical roots and the prospects for change. It is an essential voice for today. "
Moving ideas
News and Resources from Moving ideas Network
The Moving Ideas Network is dedicated to explaining and popularizing complex policy ideas to a broader audience. Our goal is to improve collaboration and dialogue between policy and grassroots organizations, and to promote their work to journalists and legislators.  MIN posts the best ideas and resources from leading progressive research and advocacy institutions, as well as promotes high-quality websites and publishes original content. We hope to strengthen democratic participation by providing a more inclusive and intelligible debate about the issues that shape our world.
Go to RAND Home Rand Review
"The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit research organization providing objective analysis and effective solutions that address the challenges facing the public and private sectors around the world.RAND Review, our flagship magazine, showcases RAND research on a variety of timely and relevant issues facing the world today. Back issues of RAND Review and RAND Research Review are available online through 1994."
Telepolis (in German)  / Telepolis (in English)
hrsg. vom Heise Verlag
Regular news, columns and features on various topics, particularly cyberculture, politics
Theory and Science
Affiliated with the International Consortium for Alternative Academic Publication(ICAAP). Since 2000.

A Peer-reviewed journal devoted to the Discussion of Theory, Science and Social Change. "While papers on abstruse and specialized theoretical topics are encouraged, the editor also requests that authors attempt to develop interdisciplinary "common ground." Thus, Theory & Science is intended to serve as an outlet for ground-breaking ideas, while it also serves as a forum for broadened theoretical dialogue in the sciences."

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