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Authors working in any field of Sociology are kindly invited to submit their texts to the Editing Committee of this Site.

All texts will be reviewed according to strict scientific criteria, similarly to peer reviews in established conventional journals.

Compared to traditional
Print Publications,
Web-Publishing has several
convincing advantages:


  • The rights of authorship remain unconditionally yours;

  • You can determine your own formats and change them whenever you want.

  • You can enhance your publication by using colors, pictures or adding even video or sounds.

  • Publishing is speedy: you can make available your results a few weeks (or even days) after completing your study.

  • Your texts can be retrieved anytime anywhere in the world

  • Texts can be revised when the need arises (e.g. when your state of knowledge has improved)

  • Texts of any size can be published (in particular also short essays or studies focussing on one single empirical finding)

  • You are likely to receive feedback from diverse recipients (including also readers outside specialized disciplinary circles)

Given the domestic focus of this Website, contributions are preferred when they refer to aspects or problems of contemporary Swiss society , or - even better - provide comparative information on Switzerland and other countries.

Texts are accepted in German, French or English language and should be sent by Email or on a floppy diskette (in Word Format (Win or Mac) or - preferably - in HTML).

Texts submitted in HTML are published free;
Texts in Word Format are charged with Fr. 1.- per Kilobyte Text and Fr. 1.- for each non-text file (e.g. images)

Please note that your readers
will multiply about tenfold
when you provide English versions!

For mailings (or requests for further information) please contact
the Editing Committee

Hans Geser

Markus Roth

Roland Grieder

at the

Institute of Sociology, University of Zürich


Markus Roth
Soziologisches Institut
der Universität Zürich
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Prof. Hans Geser
Soziologisches Institut
der Universität Zürich
Andreasstr. 15
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Nora Zapata
Soziologisches Institut 
der Universität Zürich
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